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TREK – The Real Estate Kings have subscribed to Pro Realtors

TREK - The Real Estate Kings Association have not subscribed to Pro Realtors


We are very excited. TREK – The Real Estate Kings Association has subscribed to our services for all its members 🙂

About TREK

TREK is a group of the top realtors in Mumbai, with a minimum experience of more than one decade & consists of the most well-known names in The Real Estate Consulting Industry in Mumbai. TREK members are known to have rich experience of the market, the highest level of professionalism
& a credible name in ethical customer servicing.

We’re now 3 associations strong

This makes us the official app of the 3 most prominent realtor association in South West Mumbai. MERA, SMART & TREK. We are also expanding our services from South Mumbai to Borivali on the western line, Sion to Powai in the central suburbs and Vashi in New Mumbai.

Grow your business

Here’s a short video, explaining our service:

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New feature: Property expiry notifications

Why property expiry notifications?

We are now about 300 members strong with the addition of SMART (South MetroCity Association of Realtors) & MERA (Metropolist Estate Realtors Association). With more properties, it becomes imperative to manage them and give you active property options from the results.

In an effort to reduce the number of inactive listings, we are rolling out a new feature – property expiry notifications. Properties will automatically expire after 30 days unless renewed. This includes all residential and commercial properties whether for rent or sale. (Why 30 days even for sale properties? See FAQs)

Before the property expires you will get an in-app notification giving details of your property about to expire and options to renew or delete the property. Whatever option you select, you will get an email confirmation about the same on your registered email id. Properties renewed will show on top of the list in search results.

In-app property notifications sample.

Property renewal confirmation

Property deleted confirmation

If for some reason like network issues or that you have disabled notifications for our app 🙁 you don’t receive the notification, an SMS will be sent to you on your registered mobile number. Which will allow you to delete or renew the property by clicking on a link.

SMS notification sample

If you do not respond to that, your property will be deleted and you will get an email confirmation stating deletion of your property. The sample is given below.


1. Why 30 days?
A: So that you only get properties that are active and not many property options with few being active.

2. Why 30 days for sale properties?
A: We want to make sure even sale properties are active! We also feel the 30-day cycle would be good for you to review the property status. Whether it needs a price revision or more marketing effort and accordingly stay in touch with your sellers.

3: What if I have sub users, will they also get the notifications?
A. Yes, for existing members, we will call you and confirm your notification preference whether it should go to your entire team, sub users only, you only or both. For new members, we’ll ask you when you sign up.

4. But I am registered for DND, will I still get the SMS?
A: Yes, as per TRAI regulations, promotional messages cannot be sent to DND numbers. But this is a transactional message and you have given us permission to send transactional messages. This permission was part of the terms and conditions you accepted when you signed up for an account with Pro Realtors 🙂

5.I am not getting any in-app notifications.
A: You probably have disabled notifications from Pro Realtors, if you need help reviewing that, please call us on 9820855269.

6. What if I don’t want any notifications or SMS?
A: One way is to renew your property before 30 days and another is to send us an email stating you do not wish to get any notifications or SMS. Please bear in mind though that in this case, your properties will be deleted automatically without you having a chance to review it.