Invoice and letterhead format-templates for agent registration under Maha RERA

Invoice and letterhead formats are 2 documents that are repeatedly requested from us since we posted the video tutorial on individual agent registration.

Maha RERA has not prescribed any specific format either for the letterhead or the receipt so feel free to use your existing formats or make one as per your convenience. If you still want a format, we are sharing them. Simply click on links to download the format you are interested in and don’t forget to customise them.

I: Letterhead format – Microsoft Word.

  1. Replace all the details with your own company details.
  2. Take a print out, self-certify it by rubber stamp & signature. (Rubber stamp in your own name for individuals and for the company on company name)
  3. Scan in pdf format & upload it. Please ensure the pdf size is less than 1 MB.
  4. If you are concerned about signing and uploading a blank letterhead, you can write ‘This letterhead is for the purpose of uploading it as proof on the MahaRERA website

Download the letterhead format by clicking here.

I: Invoice cum Receipt format – Microsoft Excel.

Maha RERA requires only a receipt format but we are providing an invoice cum receipt format so that you can use this for all practical purposes as well in the future.

  1. Replace all the details with your own company details.
  2. Take a print out, self-certify it by rubber stamp & signature. (Rubber stamp in your own name for individuals and for the company on company name)
  3.  Scan in pdf format & upload it. Please ensure the pdf size is less than 1 MB.
  4. If you are concerned about signing and uploading a blank invoice cum receipt, you can write ‘This is for the purpose of uploading it as proof on the MahaRERA website

Download the invoice and letterhead format by clicking here.

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Pro Realtors is now the official app of MERA – Metropolis Estate Realtors Association

MERA has just endorsed the Pro Realtors app as their official app for exchanging property listings amongst their members. This takes the Pro Realtors tally of real estate consultants to 220 real estate consultants (300 if you count the sub users as well)

How did the partnership come about?

We caught up with the president of MERA Mr.Anil Soni and asked him about their decision. He said “MERA’s primary objective is to help members generate business. Since a few members were benefitting by using the app, they suggested we see it. So we saw the app and negotiated an excellent rate for ourselves. Then we had an event to demonstrate the app to all members who then voted whether they want MERA to invest in it or not. 100% of the votes cast were in favour. So that’s how Pro Realtors is now our official app. This is completely free for all our members and I am confident it’s going to help MERA members grow their business”

Mr.Nimesh Soni, treasurer believes while educational events, developer meets and other outings (like their recent one to Matheran) helps create a better bond, the app will directly impact the way members do business with each other. It’s a win-win for everyone. MERA members, get the app free for a year, MERA as an association has negotiated an excellent price and Pro Realtors gets additional members.”

The 32-year-old young and dynamic secretary of MERA Mr.Kunjal Trivedi describes how it will benefit members. “The Pro Realtors team is going to pick up the property proposals from our MERA supplies WhatsApp group. Not only is it free for members, it’s zero effort. Property matches will simply appear. When members search, they’ll get their own properties upfront, then owners properties and then other realtor properties. That’s not all, they’ll be able to export these properties or projects in less than a minute! In 4 days 40% members have already started using the app and we are working with Pro Realtors to ensure the rest are on board in a week’s time”

Pro Realtors

Raj Shah, founder of Pro Realtors was visibly happy about the development. “Our goal is to ensure realtors don’t lose buyers for lack of property options. For that, we want to ensure professional realtors use the platform. Our partnership with MERA helps us achieve that. We promise to continue striving to add more realtors to the platform and make this the go-to app for realtors operating from South Mumbai to Juhu”

If you don’t know about the Pro Realtors app, here’s their intro video:

Download the Pro Realtors app or call 9820855717 or 9820855361 for more details on the app.



MERA group’s website is available here.

Best mobile phones from Rs.10,000-Rs.12,000 for realtors – July 2016. Redmi Note 3 vs Le Eco 2 vs Lenovo K4 note vs Samsung Galaxy J5

Best mobile phones from Rs.10,000-Rs.12,000 for realtors

One of our clients, a Pro Realtor 🙂 was recently contemplating buying a new phone. He wanted it as a spare phone and the budget was around Rs.10,000. We did some research for him and found the best mobile phones from Rs.10,000-Rs.12,000 meant especially for realtors. We also realised other realtors might be looking to buy a mobile phone in this bracket, either for themselves or their team members. Hence this blog post. 

Best mobile phones from Rs.10,000 - Rs.12,000 for realtors


What are the important criteria a realtor would consider before buying a mobile phone? Here’s what we thought and why:

  1. Budget: Imagine what would happen if you didn’t follow a budget!
  2. Brand: After investing in various brands like HTC, Samsung, Micromax, Xolo, Motorola & Karbonn in the last 2 years, we’ve come to the conclusion that cheap is not always well – eventually cheap. We rather pay a little more at the outset and invest in a good brand so the phone functions like it should and we don’t spend time servicing it!
  3. Battery life: We want to ensure your phone battery does not die down on you in half a day. Imagine if you are out for inspections at that time. Whoops!
  4. Screen size: Whether it’s the Pro Realtors app or Whats App, a larger screen ensures it’s easier on your eye. 5 inch is the minimum.
  5. Service centre: Of course, we hope you never have to visit the service centre but with electronics you never know. It’s best to have a service centre not more than 20-30 mins from your residence or office. We’ve learnt it the hard way. Our office is in Prabhadevi and the Motorola service centre was all the way at Borivali. It took us half a day just to get the phone diagnosed! Travel time + waiting time. Now we look for brands that have a service centre in and around Prabhadevi.


  1. Redmi Note 3 16GB
  2. Redmi Note 3 32GB
  3. LeEco Le2
  4. Lenovo K4
  5. Samsung Galaxy J5


Here’s a table with comparisons of the best mobile phones from Rs.10,000-Rs.12,000. We’ve looked at phone models from reliable brands with battery life of approximately a day with a screen size of 5 inch + and most importantly – we have given you links to find out whether the brand’s service centre is easily accessible by you.

The winner’s for each category of evaluation are colour coded green. In the ratings and reviews section you can click on the score to go to the respective websites. For specs scores we are relying on SmartPrix and FindYogi and for user reviews we give you scores from Amazon & Flipkart.

Model Redmi Note 3 16 GB Redmi Note 3 32GB LeEco Le2 Lenovo K4 Samsung Galaxy J5
Screen Size (Inches) 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5
Battery 4000mah 4000mah 3000mah 3300mah 2600
Ram Size 2Gb 3GB 3GB 3GB 1.5GB
Memory 16GB 32GB 32GB 16GB 8GB
Camera Rear 16mp 16mp 16mp 13mp 13mp
Camera Front 5mp 5mp 8mp 5mp 5mp
Dual Sim Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Expandable slot? up to 32GB up to 32GB NA up to 128 GB up to 128 GB
4G Ready? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Closest service centre Click here to check Click here to check Click here to check Click here to check Click here to check
Price 10,000 11,999 11,999 10,999 10,499
Ratings & reviews (click on the score to go to the respective website)
SmartPrix Specs Score Comparison 70 74 70 71 59
Smart Prix User Review Score 8.7/10 8.7/10 8.8/10 8.4/10 7.9/10
Find Yogi Rating 90/100 91/100 Not Available 83/100 81/100
Amazon Rating 3.6/5 4/5 NA 3.8 3.9
Flipkart Rating 4/5 4.2/5 4.1/5 NA 4.1


Therefore, the Redmi Note 3 is the best mobile phone from Rs.10,000-Rs.12,000. Whether you take the 16GB version at Rs.10,000 or the 32GB version at Rs.11,999 both are value for money. One of our team members in office uses a Redmi Note 3 16GB and is very satisfied with it.

Where to buy?

Apart from Amazon & Flipkart you could buy the Redmi from their official website where you can get Mi Protect – “Mi Protect covers accidental & liquid damage Free home pickup & drop, and free second servicing within 1 year from activation” – for a very small fee.


Agree? Disagree? Want to share you experience with any of the above phones listed in the best mobile phones from Rs.10,000-Rs.12,000? Simply, let us know in the comments below.