MERA has just endorsed the Pro Realtors app as their official app for exchanging property listings amongst their members. This takes the Pro Realtors tally of real estate consultants to 220 real estate consultants (300 if you count the sub users as well)

How did the partnership come about?

We caught up with the president of MERA Mr.Anil Soni and asked him about their decision. He said “MERA’s primary objective is to help members generate business. Since a few members were benefitting by using the app, they suggested we see it. So we saw the app and negotiated an excellent rate for ourselves. Then we had an event to demonstrate the app to all members who then voted whether they want MERA to invest in it or not. 100% of the votes cast were in favour. So that’s how Pro Realtors is now our official app. This is completely free for all our members and I am confident it’s going to help MERA members grow their business”

Mr.Nimesh Soni, treasurer believes while educational events, developer meets and other outings (like their recent one to Matheran) helps create a better bond, the app will directly impact the way members do business with each other. It’s a win-win for everyone. MERA members, get the app free for a year, MERA as an association has negotiated an excellent price and Pro Realtors gets additional members.”

The 32-year-old young and dynamic secretary of MERA Mr.Kunjal Trivedi describes how it will benefit members. “The Pro Realtors team is going to pick up the property proposals from our MERA supplies WhatsApp group. Not only is it free for members, it’s zero effort. Property matches will simply appear. When members search, they’ll get their own properties upfront, then owners properties and then other realtor properties. That’s not all, they’ll be able to export these properties or projects in less than a minute! In 4 days 40% members have already started using the app and we are working with Pro Realtors to ensure the rest are on board in a week’s time”

Pro Realtors

Raj Shah, founder of Pro Realtors was visibly happy about the development. “Our goal is to ensure realtors don’t lose buyers for lack of property options. For that, we want to ensure professional realtors use the platform. Our partnership with MERA helps us achieve that. We promise to continue striving to add more realtors to the platform and make this the go-to app for realtors operating from South Mumbai to Juhu”

If you don’t know about the Pro Realtors app, here’s their intro video:

Download the Pro Realtors app or call 9820855717 or 9820855361 for more details on the app.



MERA group’s website is available here.

Pro Realtors is now the official app of MERA – Metropolis Estate Realtors Association

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